Trusted Painters in Lombard IL

Trusted Painters in Lombard IL

Painters in Lombard IL can deliver a number of different services in quite a timely manner. Painters will often give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take to do your work, and Lombard house painters will also be careful to make sure your pets don’t get out of the yard or the house. Pristine Painting and Decoration does house painting as well as being one of the leading commercial painters in Lombard.

When you decide to look for trusted painters in Lombard, there are several things you can do to ensure that the job is done well and in a decent time-frame. First of all, look for on-site estimates. Pristine Painting will do on-site estimates so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Painters who give estimates over the phone often don’t realize extenuating circumstances, and will underestimate the job. Since most estimates have a disclaimer that allows the painter to adjust the cost due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s easy for painting contractors to get a little lazy about giving quotes. With Pristine, you’ll have onsite evaluation so that the painters know what kind of landscaping they will have to take into consideration. They’ll know if they will need to work around a pergola or trellis, and if the dormer windows are accessible from the ground, or if they’ll require scaffolding.

Interior painting also needs onsite estimates. Variables abound, and painters never know until they look at a room just what they’re getting into. They can give an estimate over the phone for a 12 foot by 20 foot room, only to get onsite and discover that one wall is taken up with built-in bookshelves. Those take much more care and more time to paint, driving up the cost of the job by quite a bit. You may have a fireplace in the room with painted brick. Brick often requires a different roller to get the paint into the texture. If the painters are not prepared for that, they have to compensate, which means more cost to you. So, make sure the painting contractors give you an onsite estimate.

You also want to ask the contractor about prep work. Indoor painting may require that the painters fill in nail holes and check the caulking around windows. Crown molding and baseboards often need painting, which might require a different kind of paint from the rest of the walls. These areas may need a small bead of caulk run between the trim and the wall, or the trim and the ceiling, to make the painting look polished and complete. Other interior prep work may include some minor repairs or replacement of drywall. That repair will need to be textured to match the rest of the wall. Painters will also keep an eye out for mold and mildew, so they can kill the spores and apply a stain-blocking primer before the first coat of paint.

Exterior painting requires even more extensive prep work. Any time paint is applied to lose paint or dirt, the new paint will just flake off. Exterior surfaces must be clean, bare, and dry before paint is applied to them. Pristine Painting and Decorating will powerwash the outside of your home to remove any debris and dirt, along with the loose paint. Then, they’ll scrape any bubbled paint so that the new paint will go on smoothly. Priming is another step in the preparation. Without primer, the areas where paint bubbled and flaked off before will continue to bubble and flake. A quick coat of primer will make the new paint stick tightly to the spot, avoiding any more problems in that area.

Be sure to get several quotes on your paint job. This is especially true for commercial painters in Lombard, who often don’t have the right equipment to handle the specific needs of commercial buildings. It’s always best to get about 3 quotes, and they should be in writing. Each estimate should include labor as well as materials. They will probably also state how many coats of paint they will apply, and state the use of primer, as well. Ask him to detail the prep work he will do, and specify what brand of paint he plans to use. All of these factors will significantly influence the cost of your paint job.

Pristine Painting has the extra-long extension ladders and scaffolding necessary to do proper commercial painting. They also have a power washer so that you can have your sidewalks cleaned. Those can get really dirty where people spit out their chewing gum. The gum, dirt, and tar that accumulate on your sidewalk outside of your store or office can get tracked inside, ruining the flooring. Let Pristine Painting powerwash those areas when they come and paint your building. You’ll be glad they did.

Another way to tell if you can trust your painting contractor is if they give you references. While some customers may not want people driving by and looking at their house, the painting contractor should have a list of people who don’t mind, and you can check out his work. But, remember to actually follow up on those references. Many businesses will give a false set of references just to look legitimate, knowing that the majority of people won’t follow up. Other businesses will give references, knowing that they customers were dissatisfied. Once again, this is because prospective customers seldom follow up on referrals, so the businessman feels fairly confident in giving you a list of names.

You need to also ask about guarantees on the painting contractor’s work. Most paint has a warranty, believe it or not, but if the paint is not applied according to directions, the warranty is void. Part of the application includes prep work and proper tools.

Pristine Painting and Decorating, in Lombard IL, can take care of most of your painting needs. Give them a call at 630-546-5528.


If you are looking for professional painters in the Dupage County area, you have come to the right place. we are happy to provide our painting services to houses helping make an old place feel new like a fresh coat of paint, and nothing can make a new place feel complete like having just the right shade of color on your interior or exterior walls.

Pristine Painting & Decorating are Painting Contractors in Lombard Illinois that specialize in house painting in the Dupage County area. Whether it be interior painting or exterior painting--we strive to offer full painting services to best serve you. We can assist you with residential painting and commercial painting. We would be more than happy to offer you the best painting estimates you will find in Lombard IL. Give us a call and ask for a painting quote!

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