The Best Painters in Lombard IL

The Best Painters in Lombard IL

The best painters in Lombard IL should offer a wide variety of services for your home or business. For example, have you ever considered hiring your painter to refinish your furniture? Pristine Painting can do that for you. That’s right, if you need furniture stained, lacquered, or varnished, Pristine Painting can do it for you. They will also prepare and paint your concrete floors, decks and patios, and help out with damage from disasters.


At Pristine Painting, you’ll find people who can strip your furniture, removing all of the old, chipped paint and varnish. They’ll properly sand the furniture to prepare it for its new finish, and then apply the varnish, lacquer, or paint as you want. Your furniture will look like new, and have a durable finish to boot.

Concrete Floors

A properly sealed and painted concrete floor can be a thing of beauty. Whether it’s your garage, basement, or patio, let Pristine Painting in Lombard do the job. They will clean the concrete, first, so that the epoxy will have no problem adhering. Once the slab is clean, they may or may not need to etch the concrete for proper adhesion. Then, the epoxy will be applied. You can have them add a non-skid texture to the epoxy, if you think you may have a problem with the floor getting wet. This is common in garages and add-on sun rooms. In the garage, you may have fuel and other liquids, or snow-melt from a vehicle that could make the floor slick. In the sun room, you may have plants in the room that overflow, making the floor slick. The texture is not visible, and gives the surface a little “tooth” so the foot doesn’t slip on the surface.

With epoxy, you can also request color flecks in the surface. These are flakes of paint that are scattered on the surface of the wet epoxy. They not only make the floor look more dimensional, they add color and texture to the floor. Usually, the color flecks will be two or three different shades of the same color to add depth.

Many people these days are electing to stain, seal, and finish their concrete floors rather than installing flooring products over the concrete. Pristine can seal and finish your concrete floors. New construction, especially, can benefit from this treatment, as there are not pre-existing floor finishes to interfere with the finished product.

Disaster Recovery

If you have had a fire or flood, you may need some disaster recovery done in your home or business. You need painters in Lombard who can come in and do drywall repair, or replace wallpaper that has been damaged by fire or flood. Mildew often results from excess moisture and flooding, and you need a painter who can take the necessary steps to get rid of the mildew. This may mean treating the drywall, baseboards, and floor with a cleaner to remove the mildew. Then, the surfaces will need to be primed as needed, and re-painted or wallpapered. You can count on Pristine Painting to take care of these situations. They do insurance work, too, so you don’t have to worry about approval.

Decks and Patios

Proper maintenance of your deck and patio is crucial to longevity. You’ll want your painters to come in and strip, seal, paint, or refinish your deck or patio so that the deck boards don’t rot or become warped. With proper maintenance, your decks and patios will last as long as your house lasts. Sometimes, a good power washing and a new coat of stain is all they need.

Exterior Painting

When painting contractors take on an exterior painting job, whether it’s commercial painting or residential, they have to take certain things into account. For one thing, they have to pay attention to landscaping. Look for painting contractors who will be careful with your landscaping. You don’t want your flower beds trampled, or paint sloshed all over the brickwork on your building. There is bound to be some damage to plants, but your painters should be able to spare specimen plants, and there is no need to crush your shrubbery.

In commercial applications, your painter may need to plan around heavy commercial traffic. If there is a time of day the painters can work in heavy traffic areas without being in the way, let the painters know. This will save you, your customers, and the painters a lot of frustration.

Interior Painting

When you hire a painting company to do interior painting, you want to make sure you have workers who will be careful with your belongings. Quality painters will have clean tarps, and will drape your furniture and cover your floor to avoid any disasters. They will probably have a checklist for you to follow so that you know what to move out of their way, if you want to handle your own collectibles. Otherwise, you may trust your collections to the painters to pack and move out of the area to be painted.

You also want painters who will pay attention to normal household traffic. If you have toddlers or pets, you’ll want to keep them out of the way. But, you’ll also want painters who will be careful around little ones and animals, so that they don’t get injured.


Finally, have you considered contacting your painting contractor to help with decorating? Most of the time, your painter has had a great deal of experience in selecting paint colors to go with particular color schemes. He will have some experience with the effects of certain lighting on particular colors, and his advice can be invaluable when choosing colors for your home.

Another way in which painting contractors can help with your decorating is with Christmas lights. The next time you are ready to put up Christmas lights, contact your painter. He has the ladders and the experience to do a great job for you.

Pristine Painting and Decorating, in Lombard, IL, can take care of most of your painting needs. Give them a call at 630-546-5528.


If you are looking for professional painters in the Dupage County area, you have come to the right place. we are happy to provide our painting services to houses helping make an old place feel new like a fresh coat of paint, and nothing can make a new place feel complete like having just the right shade of color on your interior or exterior walls.

Pristine Painting & Decorating are Painting Contractors in Lombard Illinois that specialize in house painting in the Dupage County area. Whether it be interior painting or exterior painting--we strive to offer full painting services to best serve you. We can assist you with residential painting and commercial painting. We would be more than happy to offer you the best painting estimates you will find in Lombard IL. Give us a call and ask for a painting quote!

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