Painters in Lombard Recommend The Right Tools

Painters in Lombard Recommend The Right Tools

Painters in Lombard IL know that to do a good job painting, you need to use the right tools. In fact, even the brushes they use will make a difference in the quality of the work.

For example, if your painting contractor is using oil based paints, he will probably use natural bristle brushes. This type of brush is made from animal air, and work extremely well with varnish, oil based paints, shellac, and polyurethane. The bristles get fuzzy on the tips, which means they will hold more paint. It also means that the paint, shellac, or varnish will spread more smoothly on the surface. The use of natural bristle brushes will greatly reduce the appearance of brush strokes in these types of finishes.

However, latex paint should be applied with a brush made of blended materials. The bristles of these brushes will be made of a combination of nylon and polyester. The nylon is durable, and the polyester helps the brush keep its shape. You may have encountered problems with brushes that were all nylon, and lost their edge, making it impossible to paint near corners, crown molding, or baseboards. The blended brushes are easy to clean and quite durable. Painting contractors will purchase more expensive brushes, because they are worth the investment.

Brushes that are 100% polyester are also very good with latex paints. They hold their shape quite well, and remain stiff, too, even when they are full of paint. These brushes are the ones you may want for cutting in trim and getting in small places, like around the mullions in French windows.

A chisel brush has bristles that slant at the tip. This means the brush will paint a straight line with no waves in it. If you look closely, you’ll see that the bristles are cut shorter on both sides, much like the edge of a chisel – hence the name, chisel brush. This is the type of brush that will give you a nice, clean edge along the ceiling edge of the wall and around trim work such as crown molding, baseboards, wainscoting, and window and door frames. The edge resembles that of a knife, lending to the term “cutting in” the edges.

A square brush is best for painting large areas. These are blunt cut, square shaped brushes, with all of the bristles the same length. These brushes will hold a lot of paint, and cover the area quickly and efficiently.

Paint sprayers are also popular with many painting contractors. Since the paint has to be thinned in some cases, the contractor may apply more coats to make sure the surface receives proper coverage. All paints contain binders that make the pigments mix well with the rest of the contents of the paint and bind to the surface being painted, and a reliable painting contractor will make sure that the mix is right to avoid diluting the paint.

Painting contractors will also use rollers to apply paint. Usually, they’ll “cut in” around ceilings, windows, doors, and baseboards first, then apply the larger section of paint with a roller. Texture can be determined with the type of roller used. For example, if you have a fairly smooth wall and want a little texture on it, the painter will use a nappy roller to add texture. Usually, though, for smooth surfaces, the painter will use a smooth roller, and for highly textured surfaces he’ll use a nappy roller. This is because the nappy rollers hold much more paint. Since they are thicker, they can press paint into the textured areas of the surface more easily. If you use a nappy roller on a smooth surface, you’ll have more drips and runs, because there is not enough texture on the wall to hold the paint.

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