Painters in Dupage County

Painters in Dupage County


Painters in Dupage County work hard to make your home or business look great. Their services also serve to protect your building from the elements. So many times, water damage will infiltrate the interior walls of your home or business, and you may never know why there are water stains on the interior walls. This can be due to poor preservation of the exterior of your building. Painting contractors do far more than cover up bare siding. The repairs they do to your home may make it last much longer than you would have ever thought.

Minor Repairs

Most painters will do minor repairs in the course of their painting and prep work. Most commonly, there will be leaky seams. PaintersThis is especially true with exterior painting. The windows and doors all have caulking around them, which is important to keep moisture out of the walls. The caulking also makes the windows “tight” so that your air conditioning and heating doesn’t escape the inside of your house. This not only keeps moisture out of the walls, where it may soak insulation and stain the interior walls, it keeps bugs out, too. Many bugs like to crawl into the tight places between your walls and built their hives or nests. Painters can actually keep this from happening. Pristine Painting & Decorating, for example, carefully cleans out all old, dried-out caulk around windows and doors, and re-caulks those areas for a fresh new seal. This usually have to be done every 10 years or so.

With interior painting, it’s not uncommon to find a hole in the wall that is supposed to be painted. Pristine Painting and Decorating will repair those holes. Sometimes they are caused by a door knob that breaks through the drywall. Other times, it may be the forbidden indoor soccer game that smashes a hole through the wall. But, Pristine can fix it for you. They will either repair or replace the drywall that is damaged. Then, the painters will texture the surface and prime and paint. You’ll never know that there was any damage!

Quality Products

One of the great features of hiring professional painting contractors is that they have access to quality products. The paint that homeowners buy at home improvement stores or at discount stores is usually a lower quality. It has more fillers in it, and usually more water. Paint needs to have enough binders and pigment in it to make the color last a long time and to make it stick to the surface onto which it is painted. The high quality paint that Pristine Painting uses spreads smoothly on the surface, with brush strokes or roller marks self-leveling for a smooth finish. Because of the quality of these paints, there is less likelihood of them peeling and blistering. The colors, too, will last longer without getting milky or fading.


Not many people think about their painting contractor when it comes to decorating, but who better to provide those services? Painting contractors have the ladders and scaffolding necessary to access difficult roof lines. Let your painter put up your Christmas lights – and take them back down. It’s the same with other decorations. Maybe you want to welcome home a veteran or a new baby. Let Pristine Painting and Decorating put up the decorations for that special occasion. They can hang wreaths, lights, banners, and the whole time, you know that they will take care not to crush your landscaping or let your pets out of the fence. Give them a call to set up your seasonal or special occasion decorating.

Licensing and Insurance

You always want to make sure your painting contractor is licensed to do the job. If not, the warranties that come with your paint won’t be worth anything. Most paints have at least a 5 year warranty against peeling and fading – if they are applied by licensed contractors. But, if the painter is not licensed, the warranty is void. With Pristine Painting & Decorating, you get licensed painting contractors that are trained in the necessary steps to make a paint job last and look good for years.

Insurance is also important, as is bonding. Some painters will try to convince you that your homeowners insurance will pay for any problems, injuries, or damage. However, no trustworthy contractor would ever propose this. Not only would you be stuck paying the deductible, your homeowners insurance would go up if you placed a claim on it. Even if the contractor promises to pay your deductible for you, don’t accept the deal, or at least make sure you get it in writing.

With Pristine Painting and Decorating, you get a professional painting contractor with his own insurance and bonding. With insurance, if one of our workers gets injured, our insurance pays for it. With Bonding, if something that belongs to you gets damaged, our insurance pays for it. We take full responsibility for our work and our workers. That’s what makes Pristine Painting one of the best painting contractors in Dupage County.

Professional Service

With Pristine Painting and Decorating, you will never wonder who that person is at your door. All of our workers wear uniforms and travel in company vehicles. You can never be too careful, and with Pristine Painting, you know who just parked in front of your house. By the same token we don’t allow any profanity or vulgarity on our jobsites. We never cut corners on our work, or on the quality of people we hire. This has proven to be a recipe for success, as Pristine Painting & Decorating is one of the top painting contractors in Dupage County. We have managed to establish a successful company, and have maintained it through some difficult times.

Let Pristine Painting & Decorating do your next painting job, or decorate for your party or holiday. You can count on our work and on our employees.

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If you are looking for professional painters in the Dupage County area, you have come to the right place. we are happy to provide our painting services to houses helping make an old place feel new like a fresh coat of paint, and nothing can make a new place feel complete like having just the right shade of color on your interior or exterior walls.

Pristine Painting & Decorating are Painting Contractors in Lombard Illinois that specialize in house painting in the Dupage County area. Whether it be interior painting or exterior painting--we strive to offer full painting services to best serve you. We can assist you with residential painting and commercial painting. We would be more than happy to offer you the best painting estimates you will find in Lombard IL. Give us a call and ask for a painting quote!

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