Lombard Residential Painters Share Tips For A Successful Paint Job

Lombard Residential Painters Share Tips For A Successful Paint Job

There are several different finishes available for your painted surface. You can get matte, flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss paint. Lombard residential painters will tell you that this choice is for more than just the appearance of the finished surface.

For instance, flat paint is often applied to living areas, and then the home owners are disappointed in the results because it is hard to clean and scuffs easily. Flat paint is best reserved for areas with little traffic, such as dining areas or more formal areas. This is because flat paint is not formulated to be a hard finish. It will scuff easily. However, you’ll discover that ceiling paint is usually a flat finish so that it does not reflect the irregularities of the ceiling. The flat finish allows the ceiling to fade into the background. Matte finish is a step up from flat, with a little more depth.

Satin is a nice finish for bedrooms, giving a nice sheen to the wall without being too shiny. Satin finish isn’t that good for areas that will get dirty, though, because it’s hard to clean and will rub off of the wall with too much scrubbing.

Semi-gloss is a good finish for high traffic areas. The gloss feature makes the paint harder so that it resists scrapes and bumps more, and it is also easier to clean. Lombard residential painters will usually recommend semi-gloss latex for heavy traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms, and kitchens. Glossy paint is good for cabinetry and trim.

If you have ever wondered why your neighbor’s paint job always seems to look better and last longer than your own, there is usually a pretty good reason. Painters in Lombard know that the key to a good paint job is proper preparation and the right materials.

First of all, house painters know that you must use the right paint for the area. There is a reason that interior and exterior paints are labeled that way. The binding agents and coloring pigments are mixed in different formulas. This means that the wrong paint will chalk, peel and fade.

You may need to decide between oil based paint or latex paint. Latex is very popular because it is very easy to clean up after painting. It also doesn’t stink like oil paint does. However, oil based paints are very good in some situations, For instance, if you have wood surfaces that are prone to moisture damage, oil based paints will seal the wood and keep it from absorbing any moisture. They are also a good choice for trim work in high traffic areas. The oil based paint takes longer to dry, though, so you’ll have to give it plenty of time to dry. If you do, it will be a nice hard finish that will seal the wood against moisture.

Painters in Lombard also don’t like to use high gloss paint on large surfaces. This is because the reflection will magnify any irregularities in the surface. High gloss paint is more suited to cabinet doors and trim work.

Oil based paints get gummy and sticky, and you may find that there are brush marks in the paint. You should use brushes with natural bristles to apply the paint. Natural bristles will be animal hair, and are great for not only oil based paints, but for varnishes, polyurethane, and shellac as well. One of the positives of a natural bristle brush is that the tips of the bristles will get frizzy, which means the brush will hold more paint. The frizzies will also cause the paint to spread evenly on the surface without leaving brush marks behind. Painters in Lombard and the surrounding areas, like Milton, Naperville, and Wayne, will use natural bristle brushes with their oil based paints and shellacs.

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