Best Painting Contractors in Lombard

Best Painting Contractors in Lombard


Before you hire the best painting contractors in Lombard, get two or three estimates. Most of them will give you a free estimate, and you can learn a lot about the contractor just from the way he conducts the estimate process.

Site Inspection

First of all, most painters, before they issue a written estimate, will want to see the site they will be painting. There are just too many variables to any given job that can affect the amount of time necessary to get a job done. Residential painters may need to move furniture or replace wallpaper. Minor repairs may be necessary. Painting contractors will want to check out the areas to be painted to see if there is water damage to drywall, or if texturing needs to be done to make a section of the wall match the rest.

Another aspect of site inspection that house painters in Lombard will want to do is to check for nearby landscaping, if they are doing exterior painting. Overhanging trees can present a problem to exterior painters, and shrubbery and other landscaping features can keep the painters from getting close to the house. The painters may need to plan on scaffolding so that they can reach gables and soffits around the landscaping.

Minor Repairs

Painting contractors can’t know what minor repairs need to be made until they see the site to be painted. It could be that stucco needs to be patched, which can add a day or two to the painting job. With exterior painting, sections of the soffits may need to be replaces, or caulking around windows should be scraped out and replaced. Sometimes, gutters around the soffits are damaged, causing water to backup and create problems with the roof and paint. Sometimes the gutters just need to be straightened out a little bit. Drywall repair, texturing, and wallpapering may need to be added to the job. Some painters don’t do these types of repairs. If this is the case, you have to hire a contractor to come in and do the repairs, and then have the painting contractor come in and finish up. Pristine Painting in Lombard, however, will do minor repairs onsite, so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of hiring a contractor as well as a painter.

Clean Up

Any estimate you get from a painting contractor should include clean up costs. Empty paint cans and unused paint has to be disposed of in a legal, eco-friendly manner. You can’t just throw empty paint cans in the dumpster or garbage. Not only that, the prep work for a painting job can be pretty messy, too. Loose, bubbled paint must be scraped off, loose caulk has to be dug out. All of this must be cleaned up every day so that it doesn’t get tracked through the house or garden.


There are certain areas that need to be masked off every time you paint. Painting contractors will figure in the time necessary to mask off such areas as flooring, deck and patio spaces, crown molding or baseboards, and windows. Proper masking will residential painters finish the job quicker, and will make cleanup much easier. It’s the same with exterior painting of your business, or interior painting of your office.

Quality Materials

One thing that many people overlook when they consider doing their own paint jobs, rather than hiring painting contractors, is the contractors’ access to quality materials. A professional painting contractor is more likely to spend the money on high quality brushes, rollers, and spray painters, with the appropriate support equipment of air compressors, hoses, and couplings. Few homeowners have this kind of equipment, or are willing to invest the money to buy it.

The truth is, whether you are doing interior painting or exterior painting, the quality of brushes and rollers you use can make a major difference in the finished product. Most homeowners buy the cheapest brush on the market so that they can throw it away when they’re finished with the job. Even though cleanup with latex paint is easy, it’s still time consuming, and many people are tired of the job before they reach the clean up stage. This is where professionals go the extra mile. They will purchase and use high quality equipment, and then clean up afterward so they can reuse the equipment.

The proper brush will make each kind of paint spread smoothly, with no brush marks. Not only do you need a high quality paint brush, painters know that it has to be the right kind for each paint. If you are using latex paint, you’ll want to use a brush with different kinds of bristles that that which you would use with oil based paints.

It’s the same with rollers. A high quality paint roller will hold more paint covering better on the surface being painted. It will also allow the paint to spread more evenly without running.

Brushes, rollers, and sprayers aren’t the only thing that painting contractors in Lombard will spend their money on. They’ll also elect to use high quality paints every time. High quality paints will be included in your estimate, if you request it. They cost more than the watered-down kind you buy at the home improvement store, but you can bet that the paint will be thick enough to cover well without running and showing brush strokes. The amount of pigments in high quality paints will mean that your paint job will last much longer without fading, with a color true to the sample you used to select the paint in the first place. The higher quality paints will also have higher quality binders in them, which will keep them from bubbling and peeling as badly.

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