7 Interesting Ways to Save When Painting Your Home

At Pristine Painting, we only use quality materials.

At Pristine Painting, we only use quality materials.

7 Interesting Ways to Save When Painting Your Home

            At Pristine Painting our goal is to keep our customers happy, whether they’re working directly with us or not. To this end, we decided to write up this short article that can help intrepid DIYers save some time, money, and lots of headaches the next time they decide to paint a room, several rooms, or even a whole house. After all, who doesn’t love to save money?

            So, you’ve decided you’re going to do some painting, and now it’s time to buy the paint. Where do you start? We’re going to discuss several places to pick up supplies, and how to treat those supplies so that you can stretch them for every dollar they’re worth. Just remember, if you get started on a job and feel that you’re in over your head, the pros at Pristine Paint are here to answer any questions, or even help finish the job for you.

            Now, let’s see how was can save some money.

Use the Recycling Center: This very first tip may seem a little out of left-field, but a lot of businesses and households end up bringing their unwanted paint to recycling and hazardous waste centers. Here it can sit around for ages just collecting dust. Since most paint has a long shelf-life, there’s a good chance that you can find what you’re looking for here and it will still be useable. The best part: it’s often FREE!

Check for Sales Regularly: As with all shopping, sales come and go. Be sure to check in at your local hardware store regularly to ensure that there are no sales on the paint you want. If you haven’t decided on a color, it may be worth checking out the store’s “mistints” section where they sell irregular paint colors at huge discounts – sometimes up to 75% off!

Spend Money to Save Money: It may seem unusual, but you really can save money in the long run by spending a little more up front. By buying nicer paint you can guarantee that it will cover more effectively and in fewer coats, so that you can use less time and less paint. That saves you money.

Use a Primer: In much the same way that nicer paint means less coats, so does primer. Primer prepares the surface you are working on to accept paint, so that the paint adheres and covers perfectly. Again, this means you can use less paint, and that means saving money.

Paint Like a Pro: The pros apply paint using very saturated rollers and a light touch. This ensures the paint covers totally and evenly, and it looks better and more professional too!

Buy in Bulk: Try to negotiate the cheapest deal you can with the largest amount of paint you think you’ll need. Many stores will even be willing to mix and match smaller containers for a bulk price.

Cover Your Gear: Rollers and brushes are expensive, but far too often they simply get thrown out after one day on the job. Cover your gear with plastic bags or saran wrap and they will stay wet and reusable so you don’t have to buy extra.

            All of these tips together can save you some serious time and money. However, at Pristine Painting we realize that not everyone has the time to tackle every painting job. That’s where we come in! That’s why our final tip to save time and money is: call Pristine Painting today!

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